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Why Every Business Needs Video Marketing

Videos aren’t just for influencers, they’re for customers.

I know, you see video after video of “influencers” on your social feeds, and you think, “that won’t work for me, I’m not an influencer”. Think again! Most businesses don’t realize how essential it is to engage customers through video. Depending on your business and message, it may make sense for you to create 2 minute videos, or videos as long as 20 minutes. Either way, you want to ensure that you’re being enthusiastic and connecting with the customer as if they were in front of you. Good lighting and positioning your camera is key, but also your voice. It might take some practice to get your volume, tone, and pace right. Once you hit record, give us your best pitch!

In sales, we like using the FAB framework to help solve the customers “problem”.

Tell us the Features, Advantages, and Benefits of your product. If you can demonstrate it on video, even better.

I love how Kemesha Salmon of TP Toys & Accessories in New Rochelle, NY does her Facebook Live videos. Kemesha sells the products to her customers with her engaging personality, and by providing informative videos about the toys, what age group they are for, and why it is a hot product now. She encourages them to order online, via phone, or in-store.

Right now is the perfect time to start your YouTube channel! YouTube is your best bet when it comes to generating a larger client base. The same recording rules apply, but on average, most videos are about 4 minutes.

Most Tubers want to monetize their videos (make money via advertisers and clicks).

Currently, you need 1,000 subscribers to your channel to start generating money through the YouTube Partner Program. In addition to 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months.

Be sure to read through these guidelines and policies before you get started:

You will also need a Google Adsense account to get paid from advertisers.

Here are some other tips when creating videos for your business:

- Make a goal (1 video per week)

- Be consistent

- Get to the point

- Consider supportive images/B-roll

- Create a call-to-action: what do you want the viewer to do next?

For help with getting your channel set up, contact

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