Know Your Customer

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Spending the time connecting with your prospective client is a win-win!

When I sit down with my clients, the very first thing I do is LISTEN. It’s not about divulging every little thing you can do for them, it’s about you learning about them. Understanding their product or service, and how that item is produced and delivered to the consumer.

When I first took on “Grosbeak Guitars”, I had no knowledge of what is entailed to build a custom guitar. The different processes, types of wood, paint, and pickups. So after spending time listening and watching Henry build, I was able to strategize how to help grow his business. We completed the LLC process, but before that we planned to secure all his social media handles @GrosbeakGuitars. Then it was identifying his target market. Who are the customers he wants to attract and where do we find them? The business promotion started off with garnering local support and press. After launching the website, Henry was also able to receive some national attention with Bass Gear Magazine. We identified trade shows that would allow him to reach his niche market. Not everyone is looking for a custom guitar every day, but with the right marketing and online presence, Grosbeak Guitars can be found easily - and in a class of its own! Henry pays attention to every little detail, leaving his customers blown away with how the quality and sound of his boutique brand surpasses some of the popular retail brands. While this small business still has room for growth, it’s important to understand the process of your clients’ business to ensure you will guide them towards success.

Visit and follow them on social media @GrosbeakGuitars on Instagram and "Like" their Facebook page.

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