Business Amendments and Closures

We know that the past several months have been a challenge for so many businesses. While some have closed their doors, others have been able to change or pivot their business model into something else.

Recently, I had the opportunity to help re-brand a small business by amending their incorporation. You do not necessarily need to close or dissolve a business, which can be costly. Perhaps you only need to change your business name. In the state of New York, those documents can be filed for as little as $60.

The dissolution or closing of a business could require a vote by members of your board, clearance from the tax department, or other state agencies. This could take several months to complete, and hundreds of dollars.

If you're thinking about changing your business, or if you have decided to close your business, I would love to talk to you about the next steps, and help you develop a plan so that you are ready for what comes next.

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